Helping People to Get A Second Opinion

Life is full of second opinions, we help people with cancer to get second opinion to help them survive their endeavor

How We Began?

Africa Health Initiative launched ReachOut in 2018, a technology platform designed to bring the world’s healthcare expertise to the people of Africa. ReachOut connects cancer patients in Africa to oncologists in the United Kingdom (UK) and India for a second opinion.

At ReachOut, we perform a comprehensive review of each patient’s current and past medical history to enable us to provide advice on the type and stage of cancer and the most appropriate treatment and management plan. Reachout provides an online secure portal where patients directly communicate with cancer Consultants/consultants to discuss options for ongoing treatment without the need to leave their home or travel abroad.

At ReachOut, we understand that living with and treating cancer can be incredibly overwhelming and lack of access to care in underserved regions is tremendously challenging. We have a phenomenal breadth of talent in our team. Most consultants are recognised around the world for their expertise and are regularly asked to speak at leading conferences. Many are involved in clinical trials and new drug developments.

ReachOut is partnering with African Hospitals and other healthcare providers to supplement local resources by providing a platform where African based hospitals and healthcare providers can connect with UK and Indian cancer specialists to access the latest and evidence based treatment guidelines and associated training required to manage cancer patients locally thereby eliminating and or reducing the need to refer patients abroad.

The next wave in Reachout is to launch a Radiology Reporting service where African Healthcare organisations upload radiology images to a secure portal for an accurate and detailed diagnostic analysis to guide and inform cancer treatment regimes.

Africa Health Initiative

Africa Health Initiative was launched in 2016 as a platform to engage leaders from governments, business, IT and healthcare professionals to develop innovative solutions to tackle Africa’s most pressing healthcare challenges. It supports entrepreneurs and initiatives to improve the health of Africa’s citizens, achieving this goal by collaborating with industry experts, government officials and start-up leaders to improve healthcare delivery for the continent.

Healthcare advancements and initiatives are critical to helping the continent realise its potential as an economic engine and a major emerging market. Africa Health Initiative believe that solutions to Africa’s problems must be addressed from the African perspective. While investments and start-ups in the continent’s healthcare system are vital for innovation and the economy, most of these businesses struggle to reach scale and generate needed support. They are stifled by a lack of investment capital, the challenges of reaching users, lack of data and market insights, complex supply chains and limited government support.

Through technology and other innovation, Africa Health Initiative is taking on these important challenges.

Our Mission

We believe everyone, no matter where they are, should benefit from high-quality care.

Together with our partners, we are designing and building cutting-edge technology to deliver the highest quality of care throughout Africa. Join us in this work and on our mission!

The Team

Building Empire For The Future

William Nmaju

Founder & CEO

Dr Peter Timms

Chief Scientific Officer

Andrea Knezevic

Business Development Consultant.

Milly Chidarikire

Co-Founder & Head of Nursing, Quality & Patient Safety

Dr Mba Chidi

Independent legal Consultant.

Dr Victoria Abbey

Medical Operations Officer