Reachout is inviting all private and public organisations including health management organisations and insurance companies who would like to invest in their employees/client health to partner with us.

For Employers

Do you have an employee who has cancer?
Do you provide your employees with private healthcare allowance or insurance?

ReachOut is providing you a platform to refer your employees who have been diagnosed with cancer to access the latest and evidence based treatment.

How will this work?

This will be done through a secure online portal where your employee uploads their medical records for a second opinion management and treatment of the cancer. This will eliminate and reduce the need for your employee to travel abroad for consultations and treatment. This will reduce employee healthcare claims.

For Organizations (including insurance companies)

Are you a member–centric organisation wanting to offer specific cancer cover to customers and are considering a partnership with ReachOut. Please contact us if you will like to know how we can work together to grow both our networks? Reach out will: help you streamline referrals, connect with clinically appropriate experts, support you clinically and integrate you with opportunities

How will this work?

ReachOut’s partner organisations register on our secure, online portal. Once the partnership has been verified, multiple second opinion requests can be sent to ReachOut portal for review.

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